Why it matters to shop the co-op

Shop the Co-op for great savingsShopping at the Co-op is a way to buy one's groceries and fill more than a shopping cart. Despite how globally the world functions nowadays, the most significant connections we still have are those of our day-to-day living. Shopping at the Co-op means you're spending your time and money contributing to your local community, to your neighbors, and to local businesses. Helping our local community thrive keeps our community alive. Helping our local businesses stay in business helps each of us to be able to continue to enjoy our cozy community and the very reasons many of us choose to live here. Every dollar we spend is a vote, a choice. Shopping locally is a vote to maintain our community's character and way of life.

In general, shoppers at the Co-op can save in two ways: Members can save on over-the-counter purchases, and both members and the public can save by pre-ordering directly from our product suppliers from their catalogs of inventory. On Wednesdays, we also offer a discount for over-the-counter purchases for non-member shoppers aged 62 and older.