Why it matters to join the co-op

Cambridge NY Village Store Co-opBy becoming a member at the Co-op, one instantly becomes a vital part of a large, vibrant community, joined with others who live nearby. Each member gets to know neighbors, make friends, and grow his or her community. Joining the Co-op also provides the opportunity for members to participate in running a not-for-profit organization. Each member gets a chance to contribute to something bigger than him- or herself, and make connections that count. Membership means making a difference locally with how you spend your time and money. And, of course, membership saves real dollars!

By merely working one 3¾ hour shift per month, members save 15% off the shelf price on all their groceries. The Co-op's shelf prices are comparable to nearby grocery store chains. The next time you shop elsewhere for organic and natural foods, take a look at your receipt, and see how much you would have saved by shopping at the Co-op if that total were 15% less!

Spice Jars According to market research, the average family spends over $93.00 per week on groceries. That adds up to over $403 per month. That same $403 worth of groceries purchased at the Co-op, with the 15% membership discount, would result in $80.60 worth of savings! In essence, single shift workers at the Co-op earn $21.41 per hour for the 3¾ hours per month they "volunteer" to contribute.

The savings (and the hourly "wage") increase when members take advantage of the opportunity to place pre-orders. Members who work one shift per month enjoy savings from paying only 20% above wholesale prices on groceries and 30% on taxable goods, and members who work two shifts per month enjoy savings from paying only 10% above wholesale prices on groceries and 15% on taxable goods.