Refrigerated products for the Cambridge Food Co-op

The Co-op offers customers a range of refrigerated products: locally-made dairy items, organic and natural foods, meats, produce, vegan/vegetarian options, Best-in-State awarded items, and more. See below for a sample of what we carry in our fridges:


Butter (Kate's Creamery, Organic Valley, Vermont Creamery, Earth Balance) Milk (Battenkill Valley Creamery—Awarded "Best-In-State" 2016, and Organic Valley) Yogurt and Kefir (Argyle Cheese Farmer—Awarded "Best-In-State" 2016, Green Mountain Creamery, Redwood Hill Farm Goat Yogurt, Seven Stars Yogurt, etc.) Cheese (Read more about our cheese selection)


Eggs at the Co-op include those that are natural, pasture-raised, organic, non-GMO, and free-range. (Cornell Eggs, Hoosick, NY and Dog Days Farm, Buskirk, NY)


Kimchee, Sauerkraut, Miso, and Pickles, etc. are available in store (BingGre, Real Pickles, Hawthorne Valley, Bubbie's, and Brooklyn Brine Co. are a few vendors in stock).


Tofu, Tempeh, Vegenaise, and Dairy-free cheeses are available in our refrigerated section (SoyBoy, VT Soy, Vegannaise, GoAVO, etc).

If you are looking for a specific product, please don't hesitate to call and see if we have it in stock!