Available to Members and Supporting Members Only.
If you would like the opportunity to buy fresh fish and cannot
be a co-op member, please inquire into becoming a supporting member.

Irish Trout

Members will be notified of the available fish by email each Tuesday.
Your order must be placed by 3 pm the following day, Wednesday.

We work directly with the seafood buyers to purchase sustainable, clean fish for our customers. We only purchase fish that we can easily handle in our store. The fish comes to us fresh on Thursdays and is ready to be picked up by 6 pm that same day. (We are open until 8 pm on Thursdays). We are not responsible for fish that has been left here after Thursday.

To place your order, call 677-5731
or email
by 3 pm Wednesday.

Examples of seafood:

Virginia Bluefish Filet
Alabama Catfish Filet
Farmed Icelandic Arctic Char
Fresh Atlantic Cod Filet
Maine Fresh Crab Meat
Mahi Mahi Filet
Ocean Perch
Wild Coho Salmon Filet
Pollack Filet
Tilipia Filet
Albacore Tuna
Butterflied Sea Trout Filet
Canadian Turbot Filet
Wild Coho Salmon Filet
White Shrimp

The Best Sustainable Fish to Eat in the Summer
from the Center for Food Safety

Prices Subject to Market Value