Cambridge Co-op Curbside Ordering and Pick-Up Instructions

Please, read the following carefully...

Instructions for Ordering

Customers, we are making curbside pick-up available to anyone who wants to take advantage of the program. Though, currently, we are only able to process approximately 15 orders each order pick-up day.

Order Timeframe:

We are doing orders four days a week-

  • Order Sunday evening (4:30pm - midnight) for Monday pick-up (11am - 1pm)
  • Order Monday evening (4:30pm - midnight) for Tuesday pick-up (11am - 1pm)
  • Order Wednesday evening (4:30pm - midnight) for Thursday pick-up (11am - 1pm)
  • Order Thursday evening (4:30pm - midnight) for Friday pick-up (11am - 1pm)

Order by Email or Phone:

Orders can be communicated two ways, by email or phone. EMAIL IS STRONGLY PREFERRED. By either avenue, you must include the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number (so we may contact you about your order)
  • Your concise list of items—YOU MAY ONLY ORDER 10 ITEMS
  • Order should include Brand (if known), Item Name, Quantity, and Is Substituting Acceptable? See example below:

    • 2# organic Lundberg jasmine rice (sub. Organic white basmati rice, if necessary)
    • 2 ea. organic lemons (no sub.)
    • 1 package Bionaturae Whole Wheat Pasta (sub. Durum Wheat)
    • 1# Lucy Jo's Mellow Belly Regular (please grind!!!)
    • 2# King Arthur All Purpose Flour (no sub.)
  • Please indicate whether you would take a substitution for an item—and what that sub is—as we are currently having trouble sourcing some products (e.g. items are out of stock in store or from our vendors).
  • How you intend to pay: CREDIT CARD or CHECK
    • If you pay by Credit Card we will call you Tuesday or Thursday morning to process payment ahead of pickup
    • If you pay by check, we will call you Tuesday or Thursday morning with the total. You MUST have your check written out (to Cambridge Food Co-op) before delivery, so that we can make curbside pick-up fast and efficient.
  • We will try to keep an updated list of produce on our facebook page, on the twitter feed on the website (, and twitter, so that you can see what is in stock.

Email orders Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings (4:30pm - midnight) to Subject Line should read "Curbside Pickup: YOUR LAST NAME" (e.g. Curbside Pick-up: CARLL). Email is the preferred method for placing orders.


Call in orders during the order window (4:30pm - midnight) to 518-677-5731 (you will leave your message in voicemail). Speak slowly and clearly when you leave your message.

Confirmation of your Order and Order Processing:

Staff will process and compile all orders on your pick up day during the store's closed hours. We will call each customer with a total before pick-up (so have your credit card ready, or make out your check at that time). The call with the total is your confirmation of the order.

If you do not hear from us, we did not receive your order. Do not come to pick-up unless you get confirmation from a staff member!

If we are unable to process your order, we will call or email you to let you know. You will have to resubmit order during next ordering cycle—we will NOT carry old orders forward to the next order day.

At this time, we will not ask that you arrive at a specific pick-up time during the 2 hour pick-up window (11 am - 1 pm); however, if we become overwhelmed with everyone showing up at the same time, we may start giving people a pick-up window (this is a work in progress, bear with us!).

We will staple a copy of your order, and receipts to your pick-up box or bag.

Pick-Up Instructions:

  • Call Us: If you have a cell phone, please call the store 518-677-5731, when you arrive for pick-up, just to let us know you are here. Reminder: we only have one line, so you may hear a busy signal.
  • OR
  • Honk: if you do not have a cell phone, please honk politely.
  • Do not come to the door: We will come out to you!
  • Open your trunk for us: Kindly have your back door or trunk open for us to put your groceries into, and then you close your trunk.
  • Remain Socially Distant from us: During pick-up please respect the 6 foot social distancing guideline. We are happy to share air high fives, air hugs, thumbs up and smiles, if you feel like it!

Thank you for abiding by all the above requests... it will help us immensely if you follow protocol.

As we see need, we may continue to add order/pick-up days to the schedule. This week is certainly a trial, so above everything, please have patience with us as we work out the kinks, and finally, thank you, thank you for all the support!

Stay well,
Your Co-op

Please call ahead if you are coming in for a specific brand or product